Friday, October 29, 2010

Eat More Soup Month- November 2010

Mary's new plan:

Here's the thing-- I find myself writing about soup a lot-- on facebook, on livejournal, on twitter. If I find myself with a belly full of warm goodness, I just feel the urge to write about it. Particularly this time of year.

And then there's this-- I've done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month-- each November) before, but I find that about halfway through the month I lose my way. I lose the plot and head off on ridiculous tangents and eventually it's too painful to keep going. This makes me doubt that I was ever meant to be a writer.

So this year I've decided to spend November eating and writing about soup. I'm going to eat soup every day and write something here every day. Those are all the rules I'm setting for myself, no word count goal or a required variety of soups. I know there will be Basic Budget weeks where I eat only canned soup or make it myself and if I get a cold I promise you it will be Hot and Sour soup every day.

I'm curious to see if I *will* get a cold. I usually do get sick in November and soup is my favorite remedy, so if I'm already eating it every day... will that be preventative medicine? We shall see.

So anyway-- here we go.

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