Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me

Sometimes it seems like the television knows who I am and is talking just to me. Last night, after getting so obsessed with soup, I saw a television commercial for Progresso Soup featuring my two favorite soups-- Italian Wedding and Chicken Tortilla.

I started making Italian Wedding soup when my daughter was tiny and I still enjoyed things like sitting at the table rolling hundreds of tiny meatballs. Ron and I liked it so much that I took a batch over to my parents-- they were distinctly underwhelmed. Something about beef meatballs in chicken stock just didn't fly with them back then.

Then, years later, they were assigned the soup in gourmet club and thought it was wonderful. Old people-- you can't show them anything-- they have to discover things for themselves. Or it's even better if you can get them to believe they invented it-- then they'll be a fan for life.

Since then there has been a bit of debate-- I put spinach and small pasta in mine. She uses escarole and lots of cheese and sometimes makes the meatballs out of ground turkey. It has become one of my father's favorite dinners and so she makes it all the time now. I love her version too, so I've given in. In fact I don't think I've ever had a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup that I didn't like.

Chicken Tortilla has a rockier past at my house. I love it in restaurants. Love it. I order it whenever I can.

We had a little soup potluck at work and so I made some-- I thought the recipe was pretty straight forward. But the recipe called for floating lime slices before serving. I put the lime slices in the crockpot before I took it to work and they sat in the soup all morning. By lunch time the lime had overpowered the soup and it was awful. I took it home and tried to rescue it by diluting it with chicken stock but that seemed to only make it worse. Even my soup loving family couldn't eat it.

I need to try again someday, now that I know better, but just now I'm looking forward to trying Progresso's new versions.

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