Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wherein Mary plays with her food and makes embarrassing noises at Hibernian.

Emma and I stopped by Hibernian for what was supposed to be a late-lunch/mid-afternoon snack, but it was so peaceful there and the food was so yummy that we ended up hanging out until after dark and so it became dinner.

She had a codwich and I had a cup of Potato Leek soup. The soup was creamy and full of leeks and cubed potatoes, topped with cheese and bits of bacon. It was lovely and nicely presented with a slice of rustic bread.

Then we tried the curry chips.
A generous plate of "chips" came with a cup of yellow curry. The curry tasted a lot like Massaman Curry, which is just about my favorite thing in the whole wide world. So I was making the yummy noise with every bite. Emma would have been embarrassed if anyone had been around, but they let us sit at a big private table in the back. Thank goodness.
I ended up cutting the chips into pieces and filling the curry sauce-- Potato Curry Soup!

I give both soups 4 spoons for comfort. I don't think they bring much to recommend them nutritionally, but sometimes you've just got to have the comfort. Hey, the cups were small! And the setting is just-- wonderful-- good for the soul. The soup was $4 and the curry chips were $6.

Sorry for the phone pictures-- my camera died.

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