Monday, November 8, 2010

Just another manic soup day...

I've decided that Mondays will be Campbell's Soup days because I am always late on Mondays. I mean, I'm always late-- but on Mondays it is even worse, so I can't really justify going out on a soup hunt mid-afternoon.

And I now keep the microwaveable soup in my desk (some of it was a present from my husband, awww) and I have the very plush breakroom in which to microwave and also pick up some fancy coffee while I'm in there.

So all in all it was a warm and fuzzy lunch today on an otherwise hectic and bizarre day.

I looked all over the web and can find no verification of this, but I feel like Chunky Sirloin Burger came out in the mid to late 70's. It feels like the soup of my hip and groovy generation. I remember it being very popular. I remember thinking it was an All American soup because it had little hamburgers in it.

Or maybe that was in the advertising back then-- what a strange thing to think of on my own!

The thing I really love is that it tastes exactly the same as it did back then. Or enough the same. It takes me back and it's hearty, beefy soup-- like nothing else I had this past week.

The other great thing about it is it will always be the cheapest. Not only does it start out being the cheapest, but you can always find coupons for soup.

And now, when we must have everything at our fingertips, you can ALWAYS find coupons... at or there are coupons right there.

It turns out Campbell's has an Italian Wedding soup. I never knew. I saw it on the website and it made me realize-- I don't really explore the soup aisle. I grab what I need and what I know.

Even when I was preparing to do this-- I wanted my familiar favorites on hand to easily turn to when I was too poor or too lazy to do go out hunting soup. And isn't that what canned soup is all about, really? :)

Well, the month is marching on and I will need new things to try. I need to shop the soup aisle for real. Soon.

So... three out of four spoons for nostalgic (and economic) satisfaction (it loses a spoon to the really evil cheesy soups) and three out of four for nutrition.

It's right in the middle of my soups so far in carbs, fiber and fat. It's higher in calories and protein which makes it very filling. Higher in calories, but still just 280 for the entire thing-- which counts as two servings and is that filling-- so not high calorie in the world outside of soup.

Anyway, 6 out of 8 spoons for Campbell's Chunky Sirloin Burger.

I'm not sure what we paid because I didn't realize I'd be keeping track of that, but I think it's safe to say it was under $2. And then with the VIC card, who knows, and they were probably even two for one. Everything at Harris Teeter is two for one. I'll keep better records when I restock.

Sleep tight.

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