Friday, November 5, 2010

One potato, two potato, hot potato soup

My friend Jeff was in town this week packing up/cleaning out a storage unit full of stuff he left when he first moved to the west coast. A long time ago :). He's going back in the morning, so Emma and I met him at Texas Steakhouse for dinner because it was near his hotel out by the airport and because I had heard they have great Potato Soup.

Baked potato soup is sort of a strange concept, I think. It's like a loaded baked potato isn't enough of a treat-- we need it to also be a hot and creamy soup. And Texas Steakhouse puts all that in a bread bowl.

My bread bowl was a bit burnt tonight, but that was okay-- it kept me from eating the whole bowl.

It has to be the ultimate in soup decadence. Plus cheese and bacon. I had the soup plus salad just to lighten it up a bit. It was delicious.

Jeff and I reminisced about our days ruling Trade Wars on the old BBS-- about 15 years ago. And Emma demonstrated her ability to talk about anything. Seriously. I think maybe she should be on television-- like a talk show or local news. She's amazing.

We also got sauteed mushrooms to share and then stole Jeff's too. They're Emma's new favorites, which carries on a family tradition, but I'll talk more about that on Cream of Mushroom soup day, because the Baked Potato soup has put me in a soup coma.

So I give it 3 spoons worth of satisfaction and 0 spoons for nutrition... that's just 3 out of 8. The company was better than the soup.

Sleep tight. Love you. Mean it. I know I need to work on these photos for this blog. Today is the first one that's sort of in focus, but the food styling is a hot mess. *Sigh* :)

OH, guess what-- Emma drew me an icon for this blog. I'll have it up tomorrow. It's cute!

Saturday edit: It was $7.50 for soup and salad. It would have been $5 for just the soup. It may have been the company and actually eating in a restaurant, but that seemed like a fair price, even though it was the most expensive soup I ate this week.

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