Friday, November 12, 2010

When bad soup happens on Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

I took off twice this afternoon to run Emma around and so didn't get to think about soup until very late. Vickie e-mailed me that it was Chicken Soup for the Soul Day and I had this microwaveable Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle that has been scolding me from my desk drawer, so I decided to give that a go.

And so... I hope my soul liked it because otherwise it was a miss. I'd have a hard time calling it soup. It smelled like chicken soup and there were noodles and chicken in there, but otherwise... ummm... no.

The concept of diet soup seems ridiculous to me. There are certainly soups that are fat and calorie laden, but many many many that are not. (I really had to fight the udge to say WHO are not-- some of these soups are now my FRIENDS).

Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Microwaveable is 14 oz. The label calls that two servings. It has 90 calories and 7 grams of protein per serving. I ate about 2/3rds of it.

When I plug it into my chart I get a surprising picture. It's in the middle of the pack on calories per ounce-- losing to tomato and hot & sour. It's at the bottom on fiber-- only the potato soup had less. It's among the leaders in least fat, but loses again to tomato. It's among the front runners in the protein race, with 1 gram per once.

But (and this is a big but)(and will apparently not keep you from getting a big butt) it's far behind even my least favorite (Bruegger's) in flavor and satisfaction. It has a very strong aroma, but there's something artificial to it. And there's a hint of something over-processed in the flavor.

So I'm giving it 0 love and satisfaction spoons and 2 spoons for nutrition, ONLY because of the protein and because there is nothing bad in there. This soup is watery and tasteless. I kept having to fight the urge to salt it. It's the lowest sodium so far, but not low enough so that it should need salting-- 19% of DV in a serving; 38% in the can.

This is one of the soups we bought before I knew I was going to report cost, but I'm sure it was $2. or less. And-- if you want one-- you can most likely always get a coupon in your Sunday paper or online.

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