Monday, November 22, 2010

The one that came highly recommended

So I finally had Panera's famous Broccoli Cheddar and it's famous for a reason. It's delicious. It's a light cheese soup-- not "lite"-- just not heavy like a cheese sauce.

And it had nicer pieces of broccoli than I expected. It's a cream soup with pieces of broccoli and cheddar cheese in it, but not a cream of broccoli or a cheese soup. It really surprised me. It's very good soup. Thanks, Brenda, for the great recommendation! I should have known... coming from you... :)

So I paid $3.79 for this cup of soup. It came with a nice hunk of bread. The Panera at North Hills lists the calorie counts of their soups up on the wall. They had 180 calories listed for the cup of this soup. I find that hard to believe-- it's a cream soup plus cheese and very filling. But I don't think they're allowed to fib about stuff like that-- so there you go.

I give it 4 soups for love and comfort and 3 spoons for nutrition.


  1. I love this soup! And I agree with you ... it has to be more than 180 calories, but maybe that's just when you stop because it's filling (?).

  2. Are we going to go to lunch on the last day of EaMoSuMo and find some magnifisoup? :)