Saturday, November 20, 2010

We seem to have a theme here.

Tonight the whole family went to the play and so went to eat after. I did eat the soup before midnight, so I'm just posting late.

The last few years Grandma has been taking us to Applebees after concerts, etc, so that's where we went.

I had the choice of Tomato Basil or French Onion. I picked French Onion because I had tomato basil equivalent last night. I shouldn't have.

The cheese was rubbery and much too thick for the amount of soup that was under it. And under it was sort of an onion marmalade. I got maybe halfway through.

My advice so far would be... for French Onion soup go to Red Robin. But Emma loved her ribs and Ron loved his pulled pork wonton tacos (Huh?!)

The play closes tomorrow. I liked it more the second time through, but I'm glad it's almost over-- this week has been nuts.

Meanwhile, here's Ron's forehead for your viewing pleasure. Sleep tight.

Update next day-- 0 spoons. This soup killed any craving I had for cheesy soups of any sort. The soup cost $2.99.

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