Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quiet, sad day

Many of my former colleagues have been following the final journey of Chad, who is the husband of Skye. Skye sold advertising with us back in the day. Chad first had seizures three years ago this coming Friday and was found to have two tumors in his brain-- "Grade 3 Mixed Glioma."

Skye has journaled every step that followed in great detail-- often pragmatically, always lovingly. It's been an amazing look at a heartbreaking journey that ended early this morning.

Skye and Chad have two daughters-- ages 4 and 6.

Besides showing the entire world how incredibly articulate she is, and allowing us to look deep into her wonderful marriage and her relationship with her children, she also provided an insider's look at hospice care.

It is surely one of the hardest jobs on earth, but seeing firsthand how much relief and comfort the hospice staff provided Skye and her family has now made me believe that is must also be one of the most fulfilling jobs on earth.

Today as far as soup goes, I'll have Campbell's Tomato from my office stash. I wish peace and comfort to Skye and the family and everyone who helped them at Hospice Home of Wake County. He suffers no longer.

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