Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The world out there is full of soup.

I had errands to run and vacation time to burn, so I took today off to run around town and almost did a soup three-peat.

First of all I slept late. But that was a given. Then I went to renew my driver's license. It only just expired in August, so that was pretty good.

Since I slept so late and hadn't eaten breakfast, I had an eye out and found myself near that Bruegger's again.

I did not get soup this time-- although that would have been soup #1 out of 3 if I had. I needed something faster than that, that I could eat in the car on the way to the DMV. Note to Emma: Do NOT eat while you're driving. It is bad and dangerous.

So I got a bagel with turkey and mustard and a tea... and it was $9! Maybe I've gotten spoiled eating soup, but that seemed like a lot for lunch.

I mean I can get a plain turkey sandwich delivered from Jimmy Johns for $4. Or $5 with stuff on it. Maybe December will be Eat More Sandwiches Month.

But anyway-- back to the soup-- I also had to run a shredder out to my parents' and that is where the Italian Wedding Soup leftovers live. I've been craving more since Sunday-- so I had a cup while I was there. It was even BETTER two days later.

Then I snuck a movie in-- "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest." There was no soup in it, but there was some salisbury steak. I did love the movie, which is the last part of a trilogy. I need to write about it and see the first two. Someday.

Finally, when I picked up Emma from play practice she had chinese leftovers with her and they smelled so good I went by Super Wok and picked up some Tom Yum soup, which is like Thai Hot and Sour. In tonight's version, I could taste lime, lemon grass and hot chili peppers. And there were big tender slices of chicken. Yum. Tom Yum!

Tom Yum gets 2 for satisfaction-- too spicy for me today-- and three for nutrition. So 5 out of 8 spoons. I paid $4.95 for the quart and Ron ate half, so about $2.50 for my portion.

Sleep tight. I'll try to write more cohesively tomorrow. Promise.

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