Monday, November 29, 2010

The stock market may be my ticket to success

That's what the fortune cookie that came after the penultimate EaMoSuMo bowl of soup said. Emma and I went to Red Bowl .

Well, we sort of snuck there. Ron had to work hockey. Don't tell him we went without him!

I had chicken Tom Ka Kai soup-- a coconut ginger soup. It doesn't photograph well because both the chicken and coconut milk are white. It has the same problem the potato soups have that way, but this is a lighter and more flavorful soup.

Besides the coconut and ginger, there's another flavor there-- something tangy like vinegar. I'll have to research recipes and find out what that is. Whatever it is, I loved it. There were also some very lightly cooked slivers of red pepper and onion in there that were delicious.

I'll give it three spoons for love and comfort. I enjoyed it a lot. I'll say two spoons for nutrition. It had a lot of lean chicken in it-- so it gets points for protein, but coconut milk is a high fat ingredient-- and a little googling tells me that the nutritional value of coconut milk is up for debate. It didn't taste as rich as whole milk in this soup, but apparently some coconut milk is. This bowl of soup cost me $3.25.

Emma had the sesame chicken and I only stole a little. Seriously. Just a little. It was also something special. We'll be back-- they have six more soups to try!

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