Thursday, November 25, 2010

My sister has a can of soup on her head

So she brought me two cans of Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato Soup and two cans of Harvest Orange Tomato Soup. She also bought some for them to try at her house.

Her boyfriend, Brandon, reported that the yellow just tasted like regular tomato soup and that the orange tastes like Chef Boyardee.
I have only tried the yellow so far and I found it to be very sweet-- like a cross between butternut squash and tomato. I tried adding pepper-- my favorite addition to canned tomato soup-- but in this soup it didn't work at all.

It has a nice consistency though-- smooth like regular tomato soup. The yellow soup label lists parsley, cilantro and thyme, but I didn't taste them. The orange soup lists garlic, rosemary and sage-- which makes sense if the soup has an italian flavor. I'll try it soon.

We're afraid these soups aren't selling very well-- she bought these on sale for $1 a can (2.5 servings). They list 100 calories and 480mg of sodium per serving-- like regular tomato, the lowest of the soups I've had so far. They're all also very high in potassium (helps regulate blood pressure) and vitamin C, so I'll give them 3 nutrition spoons, but only 1 love and comfort spoon. I think it's hard anytime they change a beloved product just a little but not much-- it just ends up tasting off.

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