Monday, November 15, 2010

Owls have nothing to do with soup.

Yesterday's post was long, so today's will be short. That's my soup there with my owl. I saw an owl in flight a few months ago. It was breathtaking.

It flew at me, slowly, so I got a good long look at it. So owls are my new totem. We got this one at the aquarium and he just made his way to my desk-- I don't know why.

But owls have nothing to do with soup.

The soup is called Creamy Chicken & Dumplings and it is aptly named. It is very creamy. It says "dumplings" on the label, but on the ingredients list they list spaetzle. And even the spaetzle are creamy. It was a lot of fun to eat.

It was sort of like the best part of the potato soup plus the best part of the spaetzle soup, mixed together. And at a discount price.

It doesn't photograph well-- it's monotone. Project Runway would say it needs some color-- some contrast, some depth. But the flavor and aroma were great. Honestly, it tastes better than it looks. Good, simple, cheap, creamy soup.

Nutritionally it's second highest in fat and calories per ounce behind the potato soup. It's among the higher soups for protein at just over one gram per ounce. And it has the most sodium of any of the soups so far.

The 15.25 ounce container is 380 calories and 1780 mg of sodium-- almost 3/4 of the daily recommended amount of salt if you eat the entire thing. It is labelled as two servings.

I'm giving it 2 spoons for comfort and love, because even though I enjoyed it, I felt bad about what I had done afterwards. I've known a few men like that-- back when I was young. And I'll give it half a spoon for nutrition because of the protein. It would deserve more if it weren't for the salt.

This is another Campbell's Microwave soup, so it cost $1.50 or so. I did hear from Ron that there was a sale when he bought me all this soup. And yesterday there was a dollar off of four Progresso in the Sunday paper. So I'l be getting to that soon.

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