Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to my go-to for to-go soup

I had to take off for a bit today and go run Emma around-- from school and to the movies. I thought we were going to have to deliver some stuff to the house too, but she came up with a great solution and suddenly I had a little time to find something to eat. (Things are nuts at work since we're losing a day.)

So we stopped by my new favorite go-to for soup-- Jason's Deli-- and got their Tomato Basil. It's completely different than regular tomato soup. It has pieces of tomato in there and there's a complex cheesiness to it.

It has melted cheese on top (mozzarella? fontina? not sure-- Oh, the website says asiago) but also parmesan in the soup itself (edit: the website claims not... then the asiago permeates this soup.) So it's a sort of a rich Italian soup. It's very satisfying, but rather salty, and doesn't hold a candle to their Vegetable Soup, in my opinion. And they were sold out of the Vegetable-- if that's any indication.

I paid $2.59 for this bowl of soup-- which came with crackers and mints. I wish they didn't charge so much ($7) for delivery-- I think I could talk my co-workers into ordering there fairly often. We've found nowhere else that delivers soup.

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